13 thoughts on “Cabo San Lucas Mexico

  1. Thank you Julie! This is a relaxing way to spend a few minutes every day. Your pictures are gorgeous and descriptions spot on. ❣️Janie


  2. Julie, it looks beautiful, but I’m laughing. My niece, Brooke, is actually in Cabo at the same time. Fun to watch everything you’re doing – keep it up!


    1. Hi Karin… I finally figured out how to respond on this blog. Thanks for sending your feedback. Life at sea is fun… cannot believe Brooke ended up in Cabo at the same time as I did. Hopefully she liked it better then I did.


  3. It came to my email 😊 Love it cant wait to see more… the view from the boat at dinner is an amazing feeling looking out at the water I know that feeling of peace you are so sweet to go through al you have to let us share in the experience can’t wait for more!!!


  4. I am sure Jennifer Aniston never step foot in down town Cabo! She must wine, dine & sun at one of the 5-star resorts, complete with armed guards, far away from downtown Cabo. Hahaha! You’re killing me with your comments. Where are the selfies? Hugs!!


  5. your commentary is my favorite part of all of this!!! i have no idea why i showed up as montana harley in my comments, but those are my dogs names so who the heck knows, i must have used them for some password at some point. if i can’t fix it, just know it’s susie, woof woof, lol!!!


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