At Sea….

JAN 29 DAY 4

So we are traveling 750 nautical Miles from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas at a speed of 18 knots….

whatever that sailor talk means ….

….basically we are at sea for about 40 hours and traveling at a comfortable speed with calm seas.

Since we are at sea for the day I thought this would be a good time to tell you about the boat.

As I mentioned before …it is a mid size ship with capacity of 674 passengers… about 300 on the world voyage. And as you would expect …the ship offers plenty of amenities geared towards adults who have plenty of time to spare.

…. the ship has 11 decks.

The lower 3 decks are for the crew. The other 8 are for passengers.

Deck 4 is the reception area, concierge and medical with an operating room on ship, full time doc and two nurses.

Reception Area
Reminds me of the Titanic

Deck 5 is the entertainment deck and welcomes you with a violin quartet

….at first seeing these violin players made me a little nervous .. brought back memories of the titanic sinking while they played violins
Need coffee …Wouldn’t survive without a barista
Retail Therapy
Casino 3 days in…. up 35 at blackjack
And down 50 at bingo
…iron staircases lead from deck to deck with 2 sets of elevators on both ends of the ship
…. great art collection throughout .

Deck 6 to 8 are staterooms…. a fancy word for cabins

Deck 9 10 and 11 Outdoor spaces for recreation… pool, a couple of jacuzzis, gym, spa, running track, shuffle board and putting green

Running track
I wouldn’t want to hit that ball to hard

Deck 10 and 11 Indoor spaces …fine dining, library and high tea

High tea 2 to 4…. Yes they look old..just like us…who else has time for high tea
… for those who smoke ….a fancy lounge that would not make anyone want to quit
And last but not least our sleeping quarters.

…so that is the end of the tour for today…..and this is home for the next 5 plus months.

Ps.. if you are wondering if there really are any passengers on the boat…. I included one that really made the boat.

Next stop Cabo