Ship Life and Crossing over the Equator


Today we sail over the equator on our way to port in Ecuador. Ecuador is one of 13 countries around the world that reside on the equator. …. The concept of sailing over the equator seems odd… like there is this big rope in the middle of the ocean with a sign that says equator and we will pass through it…..

there is suppose to be some sort of celebration crossing over the equator later today.

So beyond celebrating the equator crossing ….what do we do all Day at Sea

….well there is actually too much to do.

It is impossible to do everything that is going on. Art classes, bridge, majohn, poker and blackjack tournaments, cooking demonstrations, port lectures, Spanish lessons, bingo, high tea, laying by the pool, the gym, spa, putting green, ping pong etc…so the options are limitless and you are hard pressed to be bored. I cannot get to everything I would like to try or do.

Night TIme

There is plenty to do at night as well…Entertainment nightly …. magicians, comedians, music, vanteilaquist, shows, piano playing and of course the string quintet or a round in the casino.

So basically it is an adult day camp with time spent running from activity to activitiy….changing clothes… and trying to find time to rest

And in between all this is “eating”.

So How’s the Food? ….

Food is very good … very small portions, airline size, but probably a good thing with the number of opportunities to eat… 5 restaurants, high tea, coffee bar, nightly hors d’oeuvres and room service. On port days special dinners are put together themed to the foods of each country …and a special brunch is created for each segment of the cruise. So plenty of opportunities to eat whenever you want.

Who are the Passengers?

Well first of all age is all over the place, though clearly most people are old. Average about 70 …. who else would have time to do this? …..their are a few late 30’s, 40’s and 50’s….

it is amazing to me as you get older how you think everyone else is old except you…..What the mind will do.

… with that said, there are plenty of walkers and canes…. I guess that is a glimpse of life to come…..and if you cannot walk this is a great way to float around the world.

…..two weeks in and still don’t know much about fellow passengers life on land…. no one seems to want to discuss the world outside of the ship ….rather, talk revolves around a port, a country or a tour.

I am surprised at how few Americans are on ship, even though it is an American cruise company … many different languages are being spoken amongst the passengers….many of whom do not chose to speak English.

So in summary I would say ship life is like an upscale adult sleep away camp, though sometimes it feels like a floating geriatric home…. but a great way to see the world.

The perspective of seeing it as a pioneer might provides a unique perspective… a build of experiences and information country by country …the history have context….at least for my brain.

So in making this voyage at sea I feel like I am living in a bygone era…. expecting Rose from the Titanic to come waltzing down the stairs any-day now.

Next port tommorow

10 thoughts on “Ship Life and Crossing over the Equator

  1. It all looks amazing …your own desires to embrace the best take away from all aspects of the journey !
    I can’t wait for next part of travel😘


  2. The breads look yummy and I love the little turtles 🙂 And all those activities to keep you busy at sea – sounds like fun!


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