Zihuatanejo Mexico


Stop 4 as we are making our way down the Pacific coast …

Zihuatanejo is another fishing village known for its beautiful small bay, surrounded by mountains. (The port on the map is called Ixtapa). It is located in the state of Guerrero on the pacific coast also known as the Mexican Rivera, 135 miles north of Acapulco.

The bay is beautiful and experiencing it as the ship comes in to anchor you can understand why it is referred to as the “Mexican Riviera.”
Unfortunately the photo just does not do it justice.
Zihuatanejo is known for short as Zihua… I can’t pronounce either name. The area has thrived on coconut grooves and mango estuaries but recently there has been a surge of growth in tourism.
And no wonder…a small seaside town with 9000 people, beautiful weather in the mid 80’s year round, with a continual breeze coming off the water.
Welcoming us to Zihuatanejo…the military everywhere, rifles and all …..Supposedly it is a low crime area….
and maybe this is why.
A bit nervous taking a photo. …I did not want to get my head blown off so I tried to do a
sneak pic.
Zihuatanejo has
walking paths for miles that lead you into the town and along the beach
This city is exceptionally pretty because of its lush tropical foliage. But “lush” also brings mosquitoes ….a yellow fever vaccine is required to get off the boat.
There are many beautiful big shady tropical trees that align the beach front.
Fishing is of course a big part of life. The fresh catch are pulled from nets, cut up and sold on the beach out of buckets
Bronze statues are everywhere
commemorating significant hero’s. Muriel “goddess of the sea” … I made up that name but I thought it sounds better then “some mermaid” is perched on a large rock in the bay.
Along with Muriel are armed military patrolling the beaches. A little unsettling but I probably watch to many movies and assume the police are corrupt.
Directing traffic. Cars are generally older and small with plenty of old vw beetles around
The Catholic church is central to many. Our Lady of Guadalupe was doing several baptisms as I went by
The streets are colorful and festive … like what you would expect to see in a Mexican city…. even in the outlying streets away from the beach. Most people
do not speak English but are friendly.
Streets are lively with lots of small shops that are patroned by locals.

Souvenirs are actually made by local artisans performing there craft and selling there wares
Beautifully hand painted lacquered wood bowls
detailed embroidery on linen and cotton representing symbols of the culture
Local weavers making rugs
Bracelets being woven
And locals dancing … Iprobably because they knew the cruise ship was coming to port …. but it was fun to watch
… last but not least are dogs and cats … well fed and roaming the streets, taking a siesta in the middle of the road…..including this sleepy cat …. for all cat lovers out there.

Zihua, a charming little city … beautiful beaches, scenery and friendly people. I would take this anyday over Cabo.

Next stop Acapulco …. the second highest murder rate in the world.

4 thoughts on “Zihuatanejo Mexico

  1. oh my god you are a riot! hopefully there will be lots of corrupt mexican police to protect you in acapulco! i love the colors here, cute place.


  2. How magnificent! If I was there I would have bought all the gorgeous thread 🧵 on the bright colored table with all the bracelets. These lovely people are so creative. Have fun in the murder Capital of Mexico and don’t watch too many scary movies. 😘P.S. Gigi loved the picture of the cat🐾


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