First Stop Santa Barbara


So the first night, Sunday, we had some rough seas but managed to anchor outside Santa Barbara around noon on Monday.

Santa Barbara, founded by the Spaniards…a city of about 90k with one of the largest coastlines on the pacific.

Charming city with the best and worst California has to offer….

Mountains, Beaches, Spanish architecture, Beautiful weather …..and lots of homeless.

Santa Yenez Mountains
Beautiful tropical Vegetation
1786 Santa Barbara Mission still operated by the Franciscans today
Charming Street Cafes
Old movie theater…
love the way this guy is updating the marque
….faster then using electronics

… it actually works
Wouldn’t be California without a game of beach volleyball… on a Monday …in the middle of the day

My Baywatch moment… I thought we might see Pamela Anderson strutting that red swimsuit

… they now even have mermaids
A beautiful city …. no wonder Ronald Reagan made it his home

8 thoughts on “First Stop Santa Barbara

  1. You haven’t even left the country yet and I’m already prepared to fly over there, do some serious stretches, and then pack myself into your suitcase 😂 Loving every second of this and it’s barely even begun!


  2. Beautiful pictures. Robyn and I stopped there in the 80’s and couldn’t visit without a canopied bike ride down the beach, California burger and glass of wine.

    Love this blog💖


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