Cruise ship Here we come

Finally made it….Sunday January 26’th

2 People and 8 Bags Later…5 are mine

Loading luggage is quite a process

Found out it is not so easy to find enough hangers or enough closet space for all those bags.

They rolled out the red carpet and sanitized the boat before we got there. That is a whole other story in and of itself…but hopefully less coodies on the boat then there were yesterday

The boat itself….Insignia

The boat itself…Insignia

Mid Size Ship. 32,000Tons

Capacity 675 Passengers/400 Crew

Mid Size ship. 32,000 Tons

5 Restaurants 3 Lounges Casino Canyon Ranch Spa

And a couple of shops that I already put a dent in.

From the back of the ship….Alcatraz Federal prison in operation from 1934 to 63. Hard to escape unless you were a hell of a swimmer.

Leaving San Francisco to begin our voyage…cruising under the Golden Gate Bridge…not sure why it is called “golden” versus the Red Gate Bridge. I guess it spans the golden gate straight.

Never seen the Golden Gate Bridge from this vantage point.

Onto the next stop. Santa Barbara Monday.

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